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( May. 28th, 2009 08:35 am)
The curtains are done, and I got to buy my very first pair of pinking shears to finish the raw edges. It's always nice to do little jobs like that for people in my community, because I get immediate feedback. It's also nice to make a little extra cash.

This weekend I'm headed to SF for the Maker Fair! My host has recently bought a sailboat as well, so we get to go out on the water a bit. I'm very excited. I'm making little lace-up wristbands to gift as a promotional item, so if any of you are planning on going, comment here and we can meet up so I can give you free things and hugs.

I'm loving working with these carpet scraps I picked up months ago in SF. I was wanting to make a patchwork coat out of them, but now it's too warm. However, it does turn out that they make fantastic little bags:

So now I have a pencil bag to replace the one I lost, and it can carry a full set of colored markers and pencils, as well as normal pens and pencils, as well as a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, and the little clicker thingies I need to do in-class pop quizzes in physics.

Speaking of physics, I've been having a great time hanging out with the physics majors in their lounge. I can osmose math aptitude from them, and I'm a big believer in informal cross-pollination between disciplines. And they have comfy couches and plenty of table space for me to spread out my crafts in. Er, I mean my homework! I would ONLY focus on school whilst at school. *shifty eyes*
I'm continuing to work on the curtains I promised to have done yesterday for a professor at my school, who needs them for privacy in his sculpting studio. This is the soothing kind of work I can use right now while I cope with the stress from the upcoming Interdimensional Art Show, where my friend Molly Porkshanks will be presenting shaman-inspired haute couture, and which I will be modeling for. I will be in character as a playful bird spirit guide, and my outfit is overwhelmingly awesome with EL wire and wings. I'm very much looking forward to this.

In return for making these curtains, I get to use my school's sculpture studio space to make my dress form! We took a body casting of me months ago, but PVA sealer and polyurethane foam are not exactly living room safe materials to be playing with. The sculpture yard is a superfund site anyway, and they also have containment and cleanup supplies that I wouldn't have if I sneakily did it in the parking lot behind my apartment complex. The kind professor does human form sculpture quite often, and has experience doing exactly this, though not necessarily with insulation foam!

Once I have a dress form, I'll be able to more quickly adjust clothing, which means I'll have more range in my designs. Right now, I try to make my designs as forgiving as possible of different body types to make up for the clumsy fitting. Honestly, even fine fitting will not fit most people - the variability of the human form is really astounding. However, being able to model to a real human form (rather than eyeballing it while it hangs on a chair or something) really helps.

When I move into a new apartment next month, I hope to be able to move my studio into a lighter and more spacious area. There are talks of getting a shared studio space locally with the artists involved with the Interdimensional Art Show. This is very exciting, as it means I might be able to stop watching for pins in my own bedroom!


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