I've been horribly busy working on an art project for school. It was a piece of public art and it wasn't terribly exciting (except for pulling an all-nighter to sew a canopy out of bedsheets that we didn't end up using anyway), and I'm very glad it's done, because that means I can start doing fun sewing again! You can see pictures of the construction process in my Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/25492854@N03/.

I find often that when I haven't sewn creatively in a few weeks, I have to just buckle down and make something before I can get back in the rhythm of making things for others. This time, I've made a disastrously unflattering, though technically correct dress. Maybe I can find a home for it, but it isn't well-finished enough to sell. Perhaps I should have a seconds-and-failures category? I bet if I spruced it up with some screen printing ink patterns it would be at least interesting... Anyway, even though this dress is a whale of fail, it got me back in the groove. I now have a curtain commission to do before starting on another version of the forest shrug for a friend, which has waited too long. The problem is that she wants it to be light enough to wear in the Southern summer, and I don't have any fabric around that would fit the ticket. Poor me, more fabric shopping! It'll be posted on my Etsy at http://anyothername.etsy.com when it's done, and you can see the original Forest Shrug there right now.

I've decided to keep my blog here at Dreamwidth, even though it currently has less features than blogger. I think there is a more easily accessed audience here, and I like the philosophy. My old blog entries can be seen at http://fashionbyaon.blogspot.com. I'd also like to point out that I won't be autoposting my twitter feed here, because it really does cut down on overall content. I get lazy because it's being updated, even though the updates are about as tasty as cardboard. I encourage you to follow me on twitter, where I'm fashionbyaon (jerks keep stealing my handle before I can get it!).
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