Whew. And with that, I'm done with classes, at least for a couple of weeks until they start up again. I'm working on a summer line, and my inner vision of what I'm creating is gelling up nicely.

This is probably a good time to elaborate on this "inner vision" nonsense I just mentioned. Often in the past, when I've been heavily creative, I've found that all of my creations have sort of locked together into an increasingly coherent collection of artifacts reproduced from an inner world, complete with its own cultures, people, flora and fauna. Worldbuilding (held entirely within my head) was my favorite pastime when I was in middle school, as it was the most entertaining thing I could do without writing or reading or otherwise looking distracted in class. I scraped through classes with my sanity barely intact, but with a great ability to flesh out entire places that could never exist, all the way down to crude beginnings of theories of physics that could explain the more fantastical things I'd create.

Since I've been increasingly productive with sewing (when I'm not slaving away at schoolwork), I've noticed that my inner focus is again resolving on a place, and this time my world actually somewhat meshes with some of the other artists in my immediate circle. The Collected Worlds artist co-op idea was initiated independently of me, but neatly coincided with my decision(discovery?) that the people I had been dreaming of were cross-dimensional Romani-like travelers. I'm very happy that there is a great deal of collaboration to be had on this theme.

I don't know if I'll go too much more into the details of this setting for my designs, other than to mention that it seems to be a natural extension or contextualization of my values in design - that is, practicality, durability, universality, innovation, and multi-sensory beauty. I should make some kind of catchy anagram.

This quarter, by the way, is looking a bit difficult - 20 credits, including physics, psychology, and two intensive spanish classes. I may need to focus on making base garments that I can modify/embellish in class as needed.

As for infrastructure development, I have filled my body cast with foam and will be finishing it off to make a dressform, I bought more fabric scraps, and I also bought a professional Flickr account because I had too many Maker Faire pictures to share! I invite you to take a look, as there are lots of fun pictures of the Faire, as well as projects past. Oo look, it's my catecholamine stencils! I wish I knew where I put those. They got lost sometime in the last move.

That's all for now, gentle readers. I hope to be putting new thngs up on the Etsy store soon, and you may be seeing a new model. I will (of course) mention it here when new things do go up, as well as offer a promotional code just for you, my readers.


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