The curtains are done, and I got to buy my very first pair of pinking shears to finish the raw edges. It's always nice to do little jobs like that for people in my community, because I get immediate feedback. It's also nice to make a little extra cash.

This weekend I'm headed to SF for the Maker Fair! My host has recently bought a sailboat as well, so we get to go out on the water a bit. I'm very excited. I'm making little lace-up wristbands to gift as a promotional item, so if any of you are planning on going, comment here and we can meet up so I can give you free things and hugs.

I'm loving working with these carpet scraps I picked up months ago in SF. I was wanting to make a patchwork coat out of them, but now it's too warm. However, it does turn out that they make fantastic little bags:

So now I have a pencil bag to replace the one I lost, and it can carry a full set of colored markers and pencils, as well as normal pens and pencils, as well as a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, and the little clicker thingies I need to do in-class pop quizzes in physics.

Speaking of physics, I've been having a great time hanging out with the physics majors in their lounge. I can osmose math aptitude from them, and I'm a big believer in informal cross-pollination between disciplines. And they have comfy couches and plenty of table space for me to spread out my crafts in. Er, I mean my homework! I would ONLY focus on school whilst at school. *shifty eyes*


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